Quick Specs

Display: 2 X 12 Alphanumeric LCD characters, back lighted

Keypad: Hard rubber & color-coded, ANSI X9.8 recommended layout: - 10 Numeric keys w/ letter characters, telephone style - 3 Function keys below the display w/ LCD captions - 3 Industry standard, color coded operation keys with 20 Million key strokes guaranteed

Algorithm Supported: DES and Triple DES

Peripherals: USB or Serial Encrypted PIN Pad PCI

Certified: Approval #4-10018

Physical: Width: 2.5" Height: 1.6" Depth: 5.3" Weight: 5.3 oz (150g)

Drivers: Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 32 or 64 bit


Compact and Erogonomic Design

The SecurePIN has the smallest footprint in Pin Entry Device (PED) in the market. Because of its light-weight, ergonomic design, customers can comfortablely pick up the unit without any assistance, giving them an extra level of protection as they enter thier Personal Identification Number (PIN). In conjunction with the TRISM Card Mangement System the SecurePIN can calculate PIN offset and update your finanical instituion's Core and EFT processor in batch or real time environment.