Quick Specs

Width: 3.27" Height: 6.22" Depth: 1.24"
  • Intuitive, ATM-style interface and large keypad deliver fingertip convenience
  • Display: 128 × 64 white backlit, supports 8 lines × 21 characters
  • Card Readers: Triple track MSR, Contact/Contactless smart card reader, EMVCo-approved
  • PCI PTS 3.X-approved
  • Optional docking station/privacy shield for added security and concealment during PIN selection
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity with optional docking station and privacy shields
  • Ethernet supports random code generation so that customers can select their own PIN in a work space with adequate privacy (similar to selecting your PIN at an ATM machine).

Compact and Erogonomic Design

The SecurePIN has the smallest footprint in Pin Entry Device (PED) in the market. Because of its light-weight, ergonomic design, customers can comfortablely pick up the unit without any assistance, giving them an extra level of protection as they enter thier Personal Identification Number (PIN). In conjunction with the TRISM Card Mangement System the SecurePIN can calculate PIN offset and update your finanical instituion’s Core and EFT processor in batch or real time environment.