A Proud Heritage and a Bright Future

ABCorp is part of American Banknote, a well-known provider of secure products and solutions. The American Banknote legacy of trust dates back to 1795, when the recently established Bank of the United States entrusted our corporate forefathers with the critical mission of producing counterfeit-resistant currency for the young Republic. Since that time, the values of American Banknote Corporation have remained constant – craftsmanship and innovation, accountability and adaptability.

Over the years, American Banknote personnel have overcome challenges – all the way from recovering shipwrecked customer product to assisting the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing in times of war to rapidly developing and implementing tax collection and rebate systems for sovereign nations.

It is that sense of personal responsibility, along with our remarkable resourcefulness, which exemplifies our institutional values. These values that have allowed American Banknote Corporation to continually adapt and thrive, building trust with governments throughout the world, through more than two centuries of changing economic and geopolitical climates.

Respected at Home and Abroad

Today, under the stewardship of a new generation of executives, American Banknote Corporation employs people throughout the world. We are much more than a combination of industry-leading companies in North America, Australasia and Europe. American Banknote is a perfect example of a global enterprise whose whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. The abiding strength of our franchise rests on our proven ability to deliver a scarce commodity – Security in an uncertain world.

At American Banknote Corporation, we can continue to move forward knowing that our skill in traditional craftsmanship, in conjunction with our commitment to technological innovation, enables us to furnish genuine peace of mind to those requiring secure documentation and secure transactions, in a time of ever-growing risk.

Owning the Transactional Continuum

With a full-service suite of secure document and transaction-related solutions, global reach through our subsidiaries and strategic alliances, and a time-tested reputation as a trusted provider of products and services of inherent value, American Banknote is a leader of another category: Secure, full-spectrum document and transaction-related solutions.

American Banknote can deliver as much of or as little of the transactional spectrum as required, whether it’s a complete turnkey solution or specific components. We can serve as your organization’s secure distribution and fulfillment provider, and work closely with other industry leading providers to create comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Our history and experience give us the expertise to consult with you on how to best meet your needs within the context of your short-term and-long term strategic goals. As throughout our history, we continue to seek out potential acquisitions, strategic alliances, and new agency relationships in order to more effectively serve our customers.

Peace of Mind in Turbulent Times

Today, we continue to spare no effort in fulfilling our commitment to the time-tested values that remain as sound today as in 1795.

Through the march of history – years of peace and prosperity, times of civil and global war, periods of sustained growth and stability, and today, when the only certainty seems to be that nothing is certain – American Banknote has stood for security and service, accountability and sound innovation, and of course, master craftsmanship.