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Welcome to Custom Card Systems, Inc.

Custom Card Systems began business in 1960. The company was
founded on an idea for prints small quantities (100-2500) of plastic
cards within a short period of time (3 days or less) using various types
of technology such as hot stamping and zinc engraving. The demand
for this type of service increasingly grew through out the years. In 1968 the networked ATM was pioneered in
Dallas, Texas, by Donald Wetzel who was a department head at an automated baggage-handling company called
Docutel. CCS was called upon to offer short run ATM card for this new type of technology that we are now
accustomed to seeing in our everyday life. This lead the way for future expansion of our product line to financial institutions and in 1983 began offering instant ATM card systems in US. As technology changed with the advent of the PC, CCS expanded it market place to include all organization that utilized a plastic card. Since then we offer a wide range of applications from Financial Systems, Gift/Loyalty Card Systems, Photo ID Systems, Fuel Card Systems, Hospital Patient Systems, Metal Plate Systems, and full range of Card Personalization Equipment.